Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

My boyfriend has brought me to a romantic dinner for my birthday at the Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant last Monday. Well, the place was amazing, the scenery, the interior design, ahh I couldn't describe more. The Gunter's is a German Restaurant and the surroundings just make you feel like home. The waitress is Phillipino's Tagalog (as I heard their english accent), and the food was indeed amazing. What I like the most was how they decorated each little thingy uniquely and nicely! Lets check these pictures out :D

the entrance of Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant
A cozy place for dinner with your loved ones :D
Suitable for family dinner as well
The cute deco next to my sitting :D
Very nice & cute details
Parental advisory
the deliciously Chicken Cordon Bleu
The dessert
The decoratively rack

Check out this place at:-

Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant
Mile 2, Jalan Tuaran, Likas, Kota Kinabalu
(opposite Kian Kok Secondary School)
Tel: 088-217249


nc said...

hi,,thnks for visiting my blog.. this is how Gunter's looks like inside..heard so much about it..but never really seen pictures of it.

thnks for sharing :)

lornacarolyn said...

Hi nc! your welcome! Yes, this place is fantastic, you should come and experience yourself! Thanks and enjoy reading my blog ya, xoxo!

Anonymous said...

saya mau p la ni tempat len kali. hehehe. lorna, u look nice in the pict. :) GBU.

bobbylester said...

napa cm sepi ne lorn? sa mo try la jg t. hehe nice entry btw

lornacarolyn said...

sbb ni tmpat ada antu ba bobby. haha nda bah, ada di dalam lagi ni, tp sa xda masuk, ni d luar ja ni.. besa tourist yg pigi ni tmpt, n quite expensive la jg food dia.. siok ni tmpt, lawa deco dia

lornacarolyn said...

thanks anonymous for visiting! n thanks for d compliment:D GBU2!

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