Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Climbing Mount Kinabalu Part 2

Well, the part 2 climbing took place from Laban Rata to the highest peak of the mountain, which is the Low's Peak. The climb is only 2km up to the mountain (well, I'll say, this part 2 climb is the most challenging part). The climb start at 2.30am in the morning. The weather is not quite good for the day, where it was raining during the midnight and continued until 2.30am. Therefore, we were prepared with our raincoat and not to forget our head torch light (both are really important).  After having our buffet breakfast prepared at Laban Rata, and saying our next journey prayer, we start our mission. We start the climb in one line queue as the terrain is narrow. The early climb was still in rocky and wooden stairs, up to Sayat-Sayat. There's only one check point for this part, which is at the Sayat-Sayat, where we have to show our name card for check point (and also for certificate confirmation. They have separated colour certificate for those who reach to the top, and black and white cert for the other who didn't). As we passed the Sayat-Sayat check point, the climb is getting challenging, where we have to climb using a rope all along the way. The white thick rope is connected up to the Low's peak, and we were warned to always follow the rope. We started stepping and climbing on the 70 degrees granite rock, with narrow foot path and fully depending on the rope. It is really tiring but you wouldn't want to let go of your grip or else you'll lose your balance and getting high probability of falling from the steep. I really dare not to see down the footpath as all you can see was charcoal black where you can see nothing and trying to distract myself of thinking what will happen if I fall down where nobody will willing to go deep down and save you (this was my most traumatic phobia for the climb, trust me, I was having my nightmare of this before going here). After for about 700 meters climbing, then only the path become a little flat where we can walk ourselves without holding the rope, and in 30-50 degrees climb. However, this part didn't sounds as easy as it sounds, as it really challenges our breathing as the oxygen up this level is getting thinner and we started walking baby steps. Lucky we managed to leave our heavy knapsack in our dorm before the climb to reduce our carrying items (except for water and light food along the way). We take our rest every 5 minutes walk to catch our breath. The temperature up there was really cold, luckily the rains has stopped earlier before. We were told that we need to reach up there around 6am to see the sunrise, else those who haven't reached yet were told to go down as they do not have time to go down afterwards if the continue. Finally after 4 hours of climbing, we reached the lowest peak, at 6.30am! Only God knows how delighted, happy and relieved not to forget the tiredness we felt after reaching up there. Well, people, lets see the memorable pictures we've captured :D

The white rope up to the top!

The beautiful scenery waiting for the sunrise. We were above the clouds!

Resting with our team
Oh how great is thou art!
A group of police, bomba & RELA teams trying to break the Malaysian Book of Records by flagging Jalur Gemilang on the Low's Peak!

The first five of the team to reach at the Low's Peak! 

Rock that looks like hands praying

The Sacrifice Pool
It is actually a pond where the early explorers reported that their Kadazandusun guides performed religious ceremonies to appease the spirit of the mountain as well as the ancestral spirits who lived there. Some people said if you are lucky and the the weather is cold enough, you can see a layer of ice formed on the surface of the pond. (Other history about the pool and Mt. Kinabalu)
Cool Picture, Fenny!
Another beautiful view
Going down back to Laban Rata. This was how we climb during the dark early in the morning.
A group of other team doing the rock climbing via  Feratta (wish to try next time!)


misznina said...

wah. congratulation you did it!

lornacarolyn said...

thank you misznina! yeah it was a breathtaking experience! You should try it too :D

Deanona said...

congrats you've conquered the mount kinabalu! saya belum lagi ah~~ huhu =( oya, how much did you guys paid for the climb? kamu pakai student price ka?

Anonymous said...

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