Sunday, August 21, 2011

Climbing Mount Kinabalu Part 1

Well, I'm proudly declaring myself that I've conquered the Mount Kinabalu! The two days one night climb was very challenging yet a very breathtaking experience. My three days leg recovery after the climb proves my legs has given its everything for the climb. Besides, my 3 kgs lost after the climb proves that the strenuous climb up and down the mountain has really burned my stored fat for extra energy (yeay, lucky me!).  

We went to Kundasang one day earlier before the climb, altogether 13 of us, using three own cars. After having our lunch at Pekan Tamparuli, we arrived at our place for night stay, Rose Cabin, only 5 minutes drive from Kinabalu Park. We managed to get a quite reasonable price for the night stay, which we pay RM19++ per person.
Rose Cabin, the place we stay for the night
Eating maggi in the cold night 
We woke up as early as 5.30am (not to mention having not enough sleep because too nervous for the climb for the next day). We make our best to reduce the weight of our beg during the two days climb. After having our breakfast, we make our way to Kinabalu Park. There, we have to pay for our entrance fee: RM3, tourist guide: RM19++ per person, and transportation to Timpohon Gate: RM20++ per person, and a tongkat for the climb: RM3 (a handy stick which was really useful during the climb, trust me, you really need it). After been introduced to our guides, and the map and check point, we say our safety prayer and start our journey. The guide has warned us to watch out our words from our mouth, so as our attitude to respect the "living things" out there. As what I know, and what my parents has remind me, the mountain is believed to be the place for all the spirits before they are going to heaven.

Our team for the challenge!
My walking stick and my heavy knapsack carried all the way (6km up to Laban Rata).. The bag is really heavy seriously.
We start our journey from Timpohon Gate at 8am, passing all 7 check points before we reach Laban Rata, the place for us to stay for the night, and continue our journey to the summit at the next day.

The green scenery.. still on flat terrain & warm temperature
The terrain getting challenging, never endings stairs steps  (each steps requires me to raise my knee 90 degrees..)
Resting on each hut provided (where you can go to the toilet & refill your bottle with untreated water for drink)
The map for the journey
The 1st day journey is from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata, which is 6km. It took us to finish the journey in 7 hours walk.
We found Pitcher Tree! (Periuk Kera)
A human-look-alike tree
The porter man. They can carry woods, gas tank, water tank, etc  just using sandals and support with the rope along their
The top 5 to reach Laban Rata!
Having buffet lunch at Laban Rata provided by Sutera Harbour Resorts Chefs
Finally, reached Laban Rata! We stay in Gunting Lagadan for the night, sleep at 7.00 pm for a good night sleep, and to continue our journey to the top for the next day, at 2.30am.


ken said...

i always see this as an adventure! but i've yet to set foot on sabah.. haha.. anyway, how much was the whole trip?

lornacarolyn said...

yeah, this is a must try for those who are seeking for adventurous activity! i spend less than rm200 for the 3 days trip, with sabahan's package.. lucky us sabahans.. i'm not sure about the west malaysian rate, but im sure it i not that much expensive :D

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