Friday, July 1, 2011

Food Paradise

Well, I'm sure everyone are familiar with this beach, where we have our sunset walk, wedding photoshoot, picture taking, family day, picnic, swimming, loitering, eating, and also date-ing :P Tanjung Aru of course. Well, I usually spend the perfect evening with my deary to this place for buying mangga. Well, jeruk mangga, sweet corn with mayonnaise and raisins, air tebu and kacang rebus are the favorites. yummy. Well for him, he enjoys the "Mee Goreng Ayam'. Well, writing and thinking all these foods makes us mouth watering, lets just see the picture I've capture :)
Mee goreng ayam (nyum nyum)
Sate ayam
ABC Special (with honey star  :)
His makanan wajib
My favourite avocado juice!
Keropok Lekor
My makanan wajib

The mainan lampu warna warni selled along the seaside

The perfect view for perfect day after work :) Lepas kenyang, jalan jalan tepi pantai supaya perut tia buncit :)


Nancy said...

wow!! mcm sedap oo tu ABC special :)

lornacarolyn said...

memang sedap ni.. cuba ko try :D

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