Friday, July 29, 2011

Climbing Mount Kinabalu!

Well, my mission in conquering the highest mountain in South East Asia- Mount Kinabalu ( 4100 m) is only 2 days away! Well, honestly I'm feeling excited as well as nervous for the challenging 2 days hiking. People said you must at least get ready at least 3 months training before the climb. I'll say- I only go training consistently 2 weeks before the climb. Please don't try like me at home.

Well, what makes me want to climb this tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu?

Reason 1) Most of my friends in my uni will ask, 
"Kamu orang sabah ke?"..
"Ya.." I answered. 
"Kamu dah pernah naik gunung Kinabalu tak?" ....
"...Tak pernah"

Reason 2) If I didn't today, when will..?
Reason 3) To fill my younger days with doing things I would not regret of not having the chance of doing it.. when I'm old.
Reason 4) To take picture at the summit to show the face of glory. And to upload to my blog. And facebook. Who don't want to take picture right?

For those of you who are planning to climb the mountain, here are the info from my friend (credit to my friend, Fenny C who arranged our registration), and the fees:-

To register:-

"sabahan citizen = rm117..(registration+accom​odation&meal di laban rata nanti...) klo mau register, sna Sabah Park, KK Times Square...klo accomodation pula, di Sutera Sanctuary Lodge, di wisma sabah(seblah wisma merdeka..)"

P/S:-Please make your bookings at least 3 months before your planned climbing date. This trip is tourists' attractions, so book fast. We had planned our trip since last February (woh, 5 months before!)

The fees:-

So, we only pay RM117, exclude the one day stay before the climb. We manage to find cheap dorm, Rose Cabin, 8 people=RM185 per night. So, overall, we only pay approximately RM140++ for the 3 days trip (we are using our own transportation). Lucky us Sabahans!

For your info, I haven't finish doing my preparation packing all my stuffs. Will update to you soon ya! Wish me luck! :D

My will is clear, I have no fear!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse dies aged 27

So the news of the death of Amy Winehouse has shocked the news and her fans. Died at the age of 27, the same age where Hendrix, Jones, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain died on the same age too.
As Bill Bragg said on Twitter "It's not age that Hendrix, Jones, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain and Amy have in common. It's drug abuse, sadly." I didn't really know about Amy Winehouse talent- until I searched the web of all of her songs in the youtube (after her death has been announced by the press). She really has a great great voice (deep and unique voice), and I'm amazed on how she expressed her feelings through her songs. Popular with her song "Rehab" and her trademark- a highly large beehive hair, thick black cat eye eyeliner and her erratic behaviour on and off the stage.

Fame with her huge beehive hair, with the thick black eyeliner Photograph: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

One of her last performances in Belgrade on 18 July 2011, kicking off her European tour, critics called her performance "the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade." Photograph: Rex Features

Fans have left floral tributes to Winehouse at Camden Square

Amy Winehouse, the singer and songwriter who shot to fame with "Rehab," won five Grammy Awards and sold more than 5 million albums

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Facebook " how are you ? " virus?

So, everyone is talking about the facebook "how are you?" "wanna laugh?" message. Is it a virus? How does it affects my facebook account/ computer? I just received the "How are you" message yesterday. I didn't know about the thing until the person who sent me the message announce on his wall post that do not reply any of the message regarding with the "how are you" thingy from him, it is a virus. As funny as it sounds, I do reply, "Hi fine"...... After the reply, another mesaage will appear "Wanna laugh?" I'm sure the creator of the virus do have a really good communication skills where he put a question-like messages (with the ? mark) to attract people to answer something, which will in turn replying, at least something (just like what I did...). Well, no worries, I found some info on this virus, check them out before its too late!

Find out the details on removing the virus here:

Notebook 1 Malaysia for Students

I guess most of us know about the Notebook 1Malaysia free giveaways to the students- secondary school students as far as I'm concern. My form 3 brother from Sek. Men. Sains Sabah just received the free notebook, and told that most of them, almost everyone received one. So as to St. Michael P'pang, they have received their notebook too. Woh, how many notebook did the government provide for all the students in Malaysia. Millions of Ringgit for the mission! Well, for me it is good for the students, especially the less fortunate in the rural area to have the opportunity to have their notebook, and to start e-learning and exposed to the era of technology (I hope they didn't use it for facebook 24/7.. ) So, to all adik adik out there, use your notebook wisely, and do not misuse the technology for the wrong way. Hoho anyway, lets check the notebook out :)

The box

The 10.2 inch 1 Malaysia Creatiiv H-S30 mini notebook (The 1 Malaysia  logo is irremovable...)

Comes with Microsoft Math 3.0 for Microsoft Student Innovation Suite

The starting window.. 1 Malaysia logo (The Operating System is Windows 7 Professional)

Note Book 1Malaysia Description:-

- Model: Creatiiv H-S30 
- 10.2'' High Resolution
- 1.3 Megapixel (Webcam)
- 3 in 1 card reader
- low power 3 cell, 2200mAh
- 802.11 B/G/N (wifi)
- Intel GMA3150
  Intel Atom D425 1.8 GHz
  160GB up to 320GB HDD
  1GB up to 2GB DDR3 1333MHz

Thursday, July 14, 2011

11th 7K Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run 2011... No T-Shirt left?

Well, the 7K Charity run is just around the corner people! This run is held on this coming Saturday, July 16, 5-8.00pm, starting point from Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club. Up to now, 6960 people are attending to this event, still a long way to go to its targeted participant which is 10,000 people. Well, I'm sure most of us aware of this run through facebook right? And some of us, including me, is disappointed for not having the 7K T-Shirt. I've went to Sutera Harbour to register on the 10th July last Sunday with a big hope to still manage to get the T-Shirt (Its been announced that there will be no more T-Shirt on Monday onward). However, The T-shirt was already out of stock, and they will give a cap as a replacement. Besides, there is an alternative T-shirt being selled, displayed outside, but with the price RM99.90. wohh?? Instead of producing the expensive T-shirt for sale, why not produce a little more to the participant.. And the targeted number of participant is 10,000, so the T-Shirt must be produced equally too.. It is my first time joining this run, and I wish to have a momento for the event, and a T-shirt for run. (Actually I was thinking that it will be awkward to wear my own shirt which is so alienated with the others during the run :P). Others will think we run just to have the T-Shirt, but I just... want a T-Shirt for the run. Haha! The conclusion is: Make sure to register earlier next time. Well, all the best to all the participants out there! 

No T-Shirt left..
The registration is opened until this 16th July 2011! So,  hurry up for those interested!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Food Paradise

Well, I'm sure everyone are familiar with this beach, where we have our sunset walk, wedding photoshoot, picture taking, family day, picnic, swimming, loitering, eating, and also date-ing :P Tanjung Aru of course. Well, I usually spend the perfect evening with my deary to this place for buying mangga. Well, jeruk mangga, sweet corn with mayonnaise and raisins, air tebu and kacang rebus are the favorites. yummy. Well for him, he enjoys the "Mee Goreng Ayam'. Well, writing and thinking all these foods makes us mouth watering, lets just see the picture I've capture :)
Mee goreng ayam (nyum nyum)
Sate ayam
ABC Special (with honey star  :)
His makanan wajib
My favourite avocado juice!
Keropok Lekor
My makanan wajib

The mainan lampu warna warni selled along the seaside

The perfect view for perfect day after work :) Lepas kenyang, jalan jalan tepi pantai supaya perut tia buncit :)