Friday, May 6, 2011

Lady Gaga- Judas (Official Music Video)

I just read on Yahoo News early in the morning in the office about this newly release of Lady Gaga official music video for her single from the album "Born This Way"- Judas. After her song "Born This Way", or I guess most of her songs, as controversial at it sounds, the title of the song, "Judas" has just give a picture of what the Christians feels about. According to the New Testament, Judas Iscariot is one of Jesus' twelve apostles, and known for betraying Jesus into the hands of the chief priests.

According to the Gospel of John (John 18.1-11), Judas, the traitor, went to the Garden, where he knews where Jesus was because many times Jesus had met there with His disciples, taking with him a group of Roman soldiers, and some Temple guards sent by the chief priests and the Pharisees, armed with lanterns and torches. Judas betrayed Jesus for a bribe of "thirty pieces of silver" by identifying him with a kiss, "the kiss of Judas" which also imitated in Lady Gaga's Judas video.

We can also see the man which with Lady Gaga on the motorcycle, in the beginning with the video, wearing crowns of thorns ("The soldiers made a crown out of thorny branches and put it on his head". John 19.2). Jesus was crowned with thorny branches by the soldiers. And we can see this guy until the end of the Video, been carried away to the crowd, He was suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and was buried, John 19.6-16.

Lady Gaga's Video also shown she, washing on the man's feet. "Those who have taken a bath are completely clean and do not have to wash themselves, except for their feet. All of you are clean-all except one" John 13.10-11. Jesus already knew who was going to betray Him, that is why He said, "All of you, except one, are clean. The washing of the feet symbolizes Jesus, washes his disciples' feet.

Literally, we Christians will feel offended with the video (I haven't read the lyrics yet, but I'm sure you can interpret the lyrics yourself :) )  Feeling hate will do no better. I was once told a friend, "I love Lady Gaga's songs, but not much on the lyrics". But her song is so nice and catchy sometimes I can't help myself to keep singing it (sometime, spontaneously). I've learned that singing, will influenced our heart first, then only will bring the meaning into our brain. Songs touches our feelings and emotions first, brain comes the last. Oh how powerful a song can be, and how beautiful it is. And we can see how easily influence songs today. After all, Lucifer was the head of Ministry of Music in Heaven, he was originally created with instruments to provide beautiful music for none other than the glorification of God. But of course, not anymore.

"We must remember that some, not all music, can come from evil sources no matter how lovely, beautiful or pleasing it may sound to the ears. For we know that the devil can masquerade as an angel of light (II Corinthians 11:14).

"Music, I believe, has a twofold purpose. To glorify God or not, it’s as simple as that. As we have seen, music was initially created for that purpose up until Satan’s rebellion. What he has done with music from that point on becomes a whole other issue." Anonymous

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Good Friday

Its really been a while since I last blogging. Things have been pretty hectic these few months I've been working. My job requires me to work on the computer all day I can't afford to spend another hours at home stuck in front of my laptop. Long story short, I want to share my previous Holy Week experience, which I've been celebrating at my hometown with my family and friends.
As a Catholic, we believe in honoring the Good Friday as the day our Saviour, Jesus Christ died on the cross for us. Lucky me, this is my second time experience joining the station of the cross at Butur, which is a hill next to our village, which is also a cemetery, stationed with the 14 station of the cross until the last station to the top of the hill to commemorate the way Jesus cried on the cross for us men and for our salvation. There were almost hundred of us, mostly our family, friends in our neighborhood participated. Fr. Michael Modoit, which is Priest from our very own kampung also joining in with us. After the procession, we took the chance on spending some time respecting and cleaning our relatives' graveyard.

The tiring yet challenging climb to the tip

My childhood friends, Audrey & Amanda :)

My Grandpa's Graveyard

Picture session with all the "Climbers" :)