Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

My boyfriend has brought me to a romantic dinner for my birthday at the Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant last Monday. Well, the place was amazing, the scenery, the interior design, ahh I couldn't describe more. The Gunter's is a German Restaurant and the surroundings just make you feel like home. The waitress is Phillipino's Tagalog (as I heard their english accent), and the food was indeed amazing. What I like the most was how they decorated each little thingy uniquely and nicely! Lets check these pictures out :D

the entrance of Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant
A cozy place for dinner with your loved ones :D
Suitable for family dinner as well
The cute deco next to my sitting :D
Very nice & cute details
Parental advisory
the deliciously Chicken Cordon Bleu
The dessert
The decoratively rack

Check out this place at:-

Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant
Mile 2, Jalan Tuaran, Likas, Kota Kinabalu
(opposite Kian Kok Secondary School)
Tel: 088-217249

Friday, August 26, 2011

Jom bersungkai di Asia City, Kota Kinabalu

So, kita ada lebih kurang 4 hari lagi sebelum raya kan? So apalagi, mari kita pergi serang ramai-ramai baazar baazar yang ada. Bukan apa, raya setahun sekali bah kan, so baazar pun setahun sekali juga la kan? (ahaha tulung kasi promosi penjual-penjual baazar pada masa yang sama). So, sa mo cerita la ni kan yang saya ada la pigi membeli-beli di baazar di Asia City, KK kan tuh ari. Banyak juga la gerai-gerai kan. Sa rasa ni kali kedua la sa pigi baazar di KK ni sejak 5 tahun yang lalu. Before ni baazar di JB la kan suda 3 tahun tinggal cna. Btw, mo crita la ni kemarin sa da tebaca news paper (yg tarikh dia minggu lalu punya haha) pasal ada ni budak perempuan meninggal pasal keracunan makanan lepas makan makanan yg kana beli di baazar kan (not sure negeri mana). Terus mo comment la kan pasal penjual di baazar ni. Bukan apa, yg makanan yg sa beli di Asia City tuh ari pun ada dua tempat kuih yg sa bili sudah bangas (basi). Imagine lagi tu roti john nampak-nampak dia masak live lagi di depan ko tapi bila ko bawa balik & makan, bangas suda. So, kita tidak mau lah kan benda macam ni terjadi la bah kan. Mungkin kalau urang tua-tua macam sa ni mungkin kuat la sikit antibodi dan imunisasi badan, tapi yg budak-budak tu.. palis-palis (knock wood) la ba kan. Haha, apapun, mari kita pigi membeli dulu dan kalau bili tuh pigi bili yg tempat banyak customer dia (bermaksud laku la ba kan haha). Jom sungkai! :D


Asia City, Kota Kinabalu
Air bandung ada...

Chicken wing panggang pun ada

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Climbing Mount Kinabalu Part 2

Well, the part 2 climbing took place from Laban Rata to the highest peak of the mountain, which is the Low's Peak. The climb is only 2km up to the mountain (well, I'll say, this part 2 climb is the most challenging part). The climb start at 2.30am in the morning. The weather is not quite good for the day, where it was raining during the midnight and continued until 2.30am. Therefore, we were prepared with our raincoat and not to forget our head torch light (both are really important).  After having our buffet breakfast prepared at Laban Rata, and saying our next journey prayer, we start our mission. We start the climb in one line queue as the terrain is narrow. The early climb was still in rocky and wooden stairs, up to Sayat-Sayat. There's only one check point for this part, which is at the Sayat-Sayat, where we have to show our name card for check point (and also for certificate confirmation. They have separated colour certificate for those who reach to the top, and black and white cert for the other who didn't). As we passed the Sayat-Sayat check point, the climb is getting challenging, where we have to climb using a rope all along the way. The white thick rope is connected up to the Low's peak, and we were warned to always follow the rope. We started stepping and climbing on the 70 degrees granite rock, with narrow foot path and fully depending on the rope. It is really tiring but you wouldn't want to let go of your grip or else you'll lose your balance and getting high probability of falling from the steep. I really dare not to see down the footpath as all you can see was charcoal black where you can see nothing and trying to distract myself of thinking what will happen if I fall down where nobody will willing to go deep down and save you (this was my most traumatic phobia for the climb, trust me, I was having my nightmare of this before going here). After for about 700 meters climbing, then only the path become a little flat where we can walk ourselves without holding the rope, and in 30-50 degrees climb. However, this part didn't sounds as easy as it sounds, as it really challenges our breathing as the oxygen up this level is getting thinner and we started walking baby steps. Lucky we managed to leave our heavy knapsack in our dorm before the climb to reduce our carrying items (except for water and light food along the way). We take our rest every 5 minutes walk to catch our breath. The temperature up there was really cold, luckily the rains has stopped earlier before. We were told that we need to reach up there around 6am to see the sunrise, else those who haven't reached yet were told to go down as they do not have time to go down afterwards if the continue. Finally after 4 hours of climbing, we reached the lowest peak, at 6.30am! Only God knows how delighted, happy and relieved not to forget the tiredness we felt after reaching up there. Well, people, lets see the memorable pictures we've captured :D

The white rope up to the top!

The beautiful scenery waiting for the sunrise. We were above the clouds!

Resting with our team
Oh how great is thou art!
A group of police, bomba & RELA teams trying to break the Malaysian Book of Records by flagging Jalur Gemilang on the Low's Peak!

The first five of the team to reach at the Low's Peak! 

Rock that looks like hands praying

The Sacrifice Pool
It is actually a pond where the early explorers reported that their Kadazandusun guides performed religious ceremonies to appease the spirit of the mountain as well as the ancestral spirits who lived there. Some people said if you are lucky and the the weather is cold enough, you can see a layer of ice formed on the surface of the pond. (Other history about the pool and Mt. Kinabalu)
Cool Picture, Fenny!
Another beautiful view
Going down back to Laban Rata. This was how we climb during the dark early in the morning.
A group of other team doing the rock climbing via  Feratta (wish to try next time!)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Climbing Mount Kinabalu Part 1

Well, I'm proudly declaring myself that I've conquered the Mount Kinabalu! The two days one night climb was very challenging yet a very breathtaking experience. My three days leg recovery after the climb proves my legs has given its everything for the climb. Besides, my 3 kgs lost after the climb proves that the strenuous climb up and down the mountain has really burned my stored fat for extra energy (yeay, lucky me!).  

We went to Kundasang one day earlier before the climb, altogether 13 of us, using three own cars. After having our lunch at Pekan Tamparuli, we arrived at our place for night stay, Rose Cabin, only 5 minutes drive from Kinabalu Park. We managed to get a quite reasonable price for the night stay, which we pay RM19++ per person.
Rose Cabin, the place we stay for the night
Eating maggi in the cold night 
We woke up as early as 5.30am (not to mention having not enough sleep because too nervous for the climb for the next day). We make our best to reduce the weight of our beg during the two days climb. After having our breakfast, we make our way to Kinabalu Park. There, we have to pay for our entrance fee: RM3, tourist guide: RM19++ per person, and transportation to Timpohon Gate: RM20++ per person, and a tongkat for the climb: RM3 (a handy stick which was really useful during the climb, trust me, you really need it). After been introduced to our guides, and the map and check point, we say our safety prayer and start our journey. The guide has warned us to watch out our words from our mouth, so as our attitude to respect the "living things" out there. As what I know, and what my parents has remind me, the mountain is believed to be the place for all the spirits before they are going to heaven.

Our team for the challenge!
My walking stick and my heavy knapsack carried all the way (6km up to Laban Rata).. The bag is really heavy seriously.
We start our journey from Timpohon Gate at 8am, passing all 7 check points before we reach Laban Rata, the place for us to stay for the night, and continue our journey to the summit at the next day.

The green scenery.. still on flat terrain & warm temperature
The terrain getting challenging, never endings stairs steps  (each steps requires me to raise my knee 90 degrees..)
Resting on each hut provided (where you can go to the toilet & refill your bottle with untreated water for drink)
The map for the journey
The 1st day journey is from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata, which is 6km. It took us to finish the journey in 7 hours walk.
We found Pitcher Tree! (Periuk Kera)
A human-look-alike tree
The porter man. They can carry woods, gas tank, water tank, etc  just using sandals and support with the rope along their
The top 5 to reach Laban Rata!
Having buffet lunch at Laban Rata provided by Sutera Harbour Resorts Chefs
Finally, reached Laban Rata! We stay in Gunting Lagadan for the night, sleep at 7.00 pm for a good night sleep, and to continue our journey to the top for the next day, at 2.30am.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Climbing Mount Kinabalu!

Well, my mission in conquering the highest mountain in South East Asia- Mount Kinabalu ( 4100 m) is only 2 days away! Well, honestly I'm feeling excited as well as nervous for the challenging 2 days hiking. People said you must at least get ready at least 3 months training before the climb. I'll say- I only go training consistently 2 weeks before the climb. Please don't try like me at home.

Well, what makes me want to climb this tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu?

Reason 1) Most of my friends in my uni will ask, 
"Kamu orang sabah ke?"..
"Ya.." I answered. 
"Kamu dah pernah naik gunung Kinabalu tak?" ....
"...Tak pernah"

Reason 2) If I didn't today, when will..?
Reason 3) To fill my younger days with doing things I would not regret of not having the chance of doing it.. when I'm old.
Reason 4) To take picture at the summit to show the face of glory. And to upload to my blog. And facebook. Who don't want to take picture right?

For those of you who are planning to climb the mountain, here are the info from my friend (credit to my friend, Fenny C who arranged our registration), and the fees:-

To register:-

"sabahan citizen = rm117..(registration+accom​odation&meal di laban rata nanti...) klo mau register, sna Sabah Park, KK Times Square...klo accomodation pula, di Sutera Sanctuary Lodge, di wisma sabah(seblah wisma merdeka..)"

P/S:-Please make your bookings at least 3 months before your planned climbing date. This trip is tourists' attractions, so book fast. We had planned our trip since last February (woh, 5 months before!)

The fees:-

So, we only pay RM117, exclude the one day stay before the climb. We manage to find cheap dorm, Rose Cabin, 8 people=RM185 per night. So, overall, we only pay approximately RM140++ for the 3 days trip (we are using our own transportation). Lucky us Sabahans!

For your info, I haven't finish doing my preparation packing all my stuffs. Will update to you soon ya! Wish me luck! :D

My will is clear, I have no fear!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse dies aged 27

So the news of the death of Amy Winehouse has shocked the news and her fans. Died at the age of 27, the same age where Hendrix, Jones, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain died on the same age too.
As Bill Bragg said on Twitter "It's not age that Hendrix, Jones, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain and Amy have in common. It's drug abuse, sadly." I didn't really know about Amy Winehouse talent- until I searched the web of all of her songs in the youtube (after her death has been announced by the press). She really has a great great voice (deep and unique voice), and I'm amazed on how she expressed her feelings through her songs. Popular with her song "Rehab" and her trademark- a highly large beehive hair, thick black cat eye eyeliner and her erratic behaviour on and off the stage.

Fame with her huge beehive hair, with the thick black eyeliner Photograph: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

One of her last performances in Belgrade on 18 July 2011, kicking off her European tour, critics called her performance "the worst [concert] in the history of Belgrade." Photograph: Rex Features

Fans have left floral tributes to Winehouse at Camden Square

Amy Winehouse, the singer and songwriter who shot to fame with "Rehab," won five Grammy Awards and sold more than 5 million albums

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Facebook " how are you ? " virus?

So, everyone is talking about the facebook "how are you?" "wanna laugh?" message. Is it a virus? How does it affects my facebook account/ computer? I just received the "How are you" message yesterday. I didn't know about the thing until the person who sent me the message announce on his wall post that do not reply any of the message regarding with the "how are you" thingy from him, it is a virus. As funny as it sounds, I do reply, "Hi fine"...... After the reply, another mesaage will appear "Wanna laugh?" I'm sure the creator of the virus do have a really good communication skills where he put a question-like messages (with the ? mark) to attract people to answer something, which will in turn replying, at least something (just like what I did...). Well, no worries, I found some info on this virus, check them out before its too late!

Find out the details on removing the virus here:

Notebook 1 Malaysia for Students

I guess most of us know about the Notebook 1Malaysia free giveaways to the students- secondary school students as far as I'm concern. My form 3 brother from Sek. Men. Sains Sabah just received the free notebook, and told that most of them, almost everyone received one. So as to St. Michael P'pang, they have received their notebook too. Woh, how many notebook did the government provide for all the students in Malaysia. Millions of Ringgit for the mission! Well, for me it is good for the students, especially the less fortunate in the rural area to have the opportunity to have their notebook, and to start e-learning and exposed to the era of technology (I hope they didn't use it for facebook 24/7.. ) So, to all adik adik out there, use your notebook wisely, and do not misuse the technology for the wrong way. Hoho anyway, lets check the notebook out :)

The box

The 10.2 inch 1 Malaysia Creatiiv H-S30 mini notebook (The 1 Malaysia  logo is irremovable...)

Comes with Microsoft Math 3.0 for Microsoft Student Innovation Suite

The starting window.. 1 Malaysia logo (The Operating System is Windows 7 Professional)

Note Book 1Malaysia Description:-

- Model: Creatiiv H-S30 
- 10.2'' High Resolution
- 1.3 Megapixel (Webcam)
- 3 in 1 card reader
- low power 3 cell, 2200mAh
- 802.11 B/G/N (wifi)
- Intel GMA3150
  Intel Atom D425 1.8 GHz
  160GB up to 320GB HDD
  1GB up to 2GB DDR3 1333MHz