Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Click if You Dare

And this has been spread easily- Once you've open this, you will got the tendency to send to your other friend who has a so-called a "weak heart" while your adrenalin is still rushing (not to mention the shock + angry + you fill it after wards). You will wait 3-5 minutes for your friend to reply "ieee, jahat oh!" or "gila pny tekejut sa!" or something in between after you send them the link. And sometimes it is common to have a i-know-it-already-friend with answers, "yang hantu2 tu kan"or "dei sa perna dpt da ni". Well, I was one of the victim too. People get so creative they manage to confuse their victim with interesting link title from time to time. Still does'nt get what I mean? Click this... only if you dare!
click this

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Read my Blog Please!

I've found out on this ways on increase traffic to your blog from Cleo, November issue. Just wanna share them to you all, check this out on how to make your blog stand out!

~Register your blog at Others will be able to see your blog and the more people "Digg" it, the higher the possibility of your blog being promoted to the front page where millions of readers can see it. Viola!

~Tag your posts- You'll help search engines index your blog easily by "tagging" keywords to your blog posts. The more clear you tag your post, the higher chances of your blog being popped out in different search engines :)

~Submit your blog URL in Yahoo, Google and Bing- Type in "submit URL to Yahoo/Google/Bing" and just follow the links.

~Leave comments-The more you leave on comments on blogs, websites and anywhere, the easier people can find you. You can leave your blog address at the end of the comment. Your name displayed is just enough for others to click on and will be directly linked to your page too~

~Write stuffs-Keep your blog updated of course!

~Nuffnangs- Be Nuffnangers now just like me and you'll get the chance to meet lot of bloggers out there :D